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Honduras Travel Guide


The second largest country in Central America, Honduras is bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the north coast and the Pacific Ocean on the south, through the Gulf of Fonseca. Honduras has many points of interest and beautiful waters for those who enjoy beaches, scuba diving, and river rafting. Awe-inspiring mountains, various cultural experiences, and natural wonders await you.

Major cities include:


San Pedro Sula


Christopher Columbus arrived to Honduras on his fourth and last trip to the Americas.


Capital: Tegucigalpa

Climate: The climate in Honduras is tropical, so the days are hot and humid and the nights are warm.

Languages: Spanish

Power: 110 V, 60 Hz

Time Zone: Standard Time -0600 UTC


If history is what interests you, then a trip to the Mayan ruins in Copan is in order. This is an amazing archaeological site. There are immense sculptures with intricate detail and others that inspire fear. You can also examine the hieroglyphic writings that give insight into the historic culture.

When all you want is clear waters and sand, head to Roatan and the Bay Islands. The beaches in Roatan are blanketed with white sand and kissed by translucent waters. Caribbean beauty is at its peak on the island. There are many sea creatures that call Roatan’s waters home, even the mysterious whale shark. There is a vibrant night scene, and if seafood sounds appetizing, it's fresh and plentiful--so eat up!


Villa Helen's Hotel and Restaurant, located in La Ceiba, has obtained great reviews for its great service and comfortable rooms. Helen, the host and owner, is a really nice woman who speaks Spanish, French, and English. The hotel is also near one of the few clean and nice beaches in the region.

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